The name Bluestring

Bluestring grew from professional and volunteer experience, working in government and in the not-for-profit sectors in Australia and internationally.

The colour blue evokes a sense of trust, responsibility and confidence; it’s the colour of ideas, intellect and discernment, and of wisdom and sanctity. Portraying strength, security and longevity, string binds and fastens. Together, the intellectual, spiritual and physical combine as Bluestring.

Bluestring Values

Taking a principled approach, we will engage with you and your organisation.
Coming along side, we will develop an understanding of the work and culture of your organisation.
Through honest and open communication, we will work with you to identify organisational development needs.
With resolve, we will support you and your organisation to make decisions that can lead to personal and organisational growth.

Bluestring Statement of Purpose

Strengthening and supporting
not-for-profit organisations