Bluestring Values

Drawing on Biblical principles, we will engage with you and your organisation.
By coming along side, we will develop an understanding of the work and culture of your organisation.
Through honest and open communication, we will work with you to identify organisational development needs.
With resolve, we will support you and your organisation to make decisions that can lead to personal and organisational growth.

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Where we work

Take a look on the 'What we do' page to read about our work in Cambodia and Thailand.

Bluestring Bites

Differently Abled

Recently we were on a short holiday in Sri Lanka and travelling from Kandy to Badulla by train (a leisurely 7 hour scenic train journey).  On the wall of the carriage in front of us above a row of seats was a sign in Sinhalese, Tamil and English. It read ‘Reserved for Differently Abled’.

As my […]

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The Relationship between Manager and Employee

In my current leadership role I am often required to deal with situations where the relationship between manager or supervisor and employee has broken down. Obviously there are many reasons why this might occur but time and again recurring themes arise, such as

Lack of effective two-way communication.
Poor understanding of expectations, in both […]

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Connecting means sales

Do you understand the importance of sales skills? They are as important in a competitive service oriented environment, as they are in any other industry.  When discussing a range of services and options with customers or consumers it’s important to cover off on a few fundamentals……

Know the services you’re offering.
Know what your competitors […]

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Monday Blues

How often have you heard it said: Thank God it’s Friday? What is it about the countdown to the weekend, and the ‘blues’ that hit many people when Monday rolls around?

Even in an organisation, where services are provided around the clock – and someone’s ‘Friday’ is actually a Thursday and their ‘Monday’ is a […]

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Mentoring with a difference

Cambodia is a wonderful country.  Things have improved since the ousting of the murderous Khmer Rouge regime, but the country has a continuing need for economic and structural support.  How this support is provided impacts the ongoing development and growth of the country, both at micro and macro levels.

Having lived in Phnom Penh for the relatively short period of […]

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Unconscious Bias

Much has been written about ‘unconscious bias’; prejudices we hold and are unaware of based on social norms and stereotypes. You know the sort of thing – gender, sexuality, age, disability, education, religion and cultural background are well known biases but less realised are attributes such as height, weight, name, personality type, work preferences […]

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No Ordinary View

I was attending an Interserve ( weekend retreat last year in Victor Harbor, South Australia, where the principal speaker was long-term missionary, Naomi Reed.

Having spent many years serving in Nepal with her husband Darren and later their three boys, Naomi shares her story with the reader through three engaging biographical accounts. While ‘No Ordinary […]

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Right, Just and Fair

For work purposes I’ve been ploughing my way through the 364 page, 2015, Independent Review into sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the Victoria Police. While there has been significant shift in attitudes within the Service over the last few decades the Review identifies a surprisingly high level of ongoing discrimination and harassment.

Gone are […]

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What it means to be Australian

Today is ANZAC Day.

On April 25 1915, 101 years ago, soldiers landed at Gallipoli; part of a military campaign aimed at capturing Constantinople, the capital of the Ottoman Empire, an ally of Germany. Many soldiers from allied countries died, many soldiers from Turkey died. If you’ve ever had the chance to visit the campaign […]

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Divergence and Disruption

I was chatting with another manager at work just a few days ago. He’s one of those people who enjoys challenging the status quo; someone I would call a ‘divergent thinker’ and a ‘disruptive leader’.  I was telling him about these ideas of divergence and disruption and describing them as positive things; he looked […]

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