Bluestring Values

Drawing on Biblical principles, we will engage with you and your organisation.
By coming along side, we will develop an understanding of the work and culture of your organisation.
Through honest and open communication, we will work with you to identify organisational development needs.
With resolve, we will support you and your organisation to make decisions that can lead to personal and organisational growth.

Contact Info

Phone: +61 402218180

Mobile: 0402218180

Where we work

Take a look on the 'What we do' page to read about our work in Cambodia and Thailand.

Governance Practice

Human Resources or People and Culture

There has been a trend over recent years to move away from the title of Human Resources Manager to Manager People and Culture. While we might debate the use of the word ‘manager’ and what this implies, understanding why the shift from the phrase ‘human resource’ to ‘people and culture’ is an interesting revelation.

Recently I […]

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Mentoring with a difference

Cambodia is a wonderful country.  Things have improved since the ousting of the murderous Khmer Rouge regime, but the country has a continuing need for economic and structural support.  How this support is provided impacts the ongoing development and growth of the country, both at micro and macro levels.

Having lived in Phnom Penh for the relatively short period of […]

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Risky Business

Social media gives us the idea that being a risk taker is cool, and involvement in extreme activities is to be desired and almost glorified.

Maybe it’s skiing, but from a high snowy mountain.

Maybe it’s mountain biking, but along a perilous mountain path.

Maybe it’s sky diving, but leaping from a bridge or tall building.

Maybe it’s […]

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