Bluestring Values

Drawing on Biblical principles, we will engage with you and your organisation.
By coming along side, we will develop an understanding of the work and culture of your organisation.
Through honest and open communication, we will work with you to identify organisational development needs.
With resolve, we will support you and your organisation to make decisions that can lead to personal and organisational growth.

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Where we work

Take a look on the 'What we do' page to read about our work in Cambodia and Thailand.

Stepping forward into something different

One of the hardest things to do on a personal level at work is deciding when it’s time and how to navigate a move to ‘the next’ thing.  Accepting that there’s not always a choice, or there may be no requirement or pressure to move on, stagnation, boredom, complacency, disengagement, a lack of drive […]

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I recently attended an international conference in Johannesburg and between the formal sessions had conversations with a number of people who are working long-term in remote locations.  While committed to the work they are doing, comments and inference expose a deep need for encouragement and support; a need for strategies to remain resilient.

Shortly I […]

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Trust and Confidence

On New Year’s Eve my wife and I enjoyed fish and chips in style in a local park (table cloth and cutlery at a table and bench) while we reflected on our 2017, then on New Year’s Day we spent a couple of hours over lunch sitting in the shade of a tree on the foreshore of […]

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Mindful, Purposeful and Prayerful

Over the past few weeks I’ve undertaken a more senior HR management role while the person who normally does the work has been on leave.  While another employee was then acting up into my usual position, being physically close to my own office I found myself regularly assisting with tasks and attending meetings in support of my normal functions, as well […]

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Taking care of yourself

I recently returned from Kenya where I participated in a Hostage Negotiators Course and then over the past couple of weeks have spent quite a bit of time consolidating information from the course into a Hostage Negotiators’ Handbook for an organisation I am working with.

In synthesising the information I was listing the points taught […]

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No Ordinary View

I was attending an Interserve ( weekend retreat last year in Victor Harbor, South Australia, where the principal speaker was long-term missionary, Naomi Reed.

Having spent many years serving in Nepal with her husband Darren and later their three boys, Naomi shares her story with the reader through three engaging biographical accounts. While ‘No Ordinary […]

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